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Avaliações e Críticas

  1. dionysus67's rating of the film The Devil's Own

    What a disappointment from a director of Pakula's stature! Surrendering his craftmanship and unique sense for suspense and striking visuals, Pakula abandons the plot to the tiresome persona of an unjustly framed Harrison Ford whose oscillation between duty and fatherly redemption is as cliché as can be. Add to this a pitiful Pitt and a bunch of annoyning FBI agents and police force and you've got a mess. Unwatchable.

  2. Name Not Given's rating of the film The Devil's Own

    'The Devil's Own' is an engaging political thriller despite Brad Pitt's patchy accent.

  3. Ghostman's rating of the film The Devil's Own

    A great example of a movie that never quite figures out how to get where it wants to go. There are great pieces but many of them do not mesh well. The film's story becomes too unwieldy for it have a bigger dramatic impact. When the noir-like ending comes, one feels that the film didn't engage with the darker, grimmer elements within. Edges feel sanded off, ideas un-actualized. Still, it's pretty watchable.

  4. skoog's rating of the film The Devil's Own

    a kind-of beautiful, homo-erotic neo-noir. with its dark lit cinematography (!!!) and clever juxtaposition between a tormented belfast and the banality of american everyday life. brad's failed accent gives the movie a rare and intimate fragility.

  5. FISCHER's rating of the film The Devil's Own

    Une oeuvre sympathique de d'Alan Pakula qui déçoit rarement, malgré un académisme sans surprise qui s'attache plus à décrire les liens d'amitié naissant qu'au conflit historique .....

  6. Nicholas Gregory's rating of the film The Devil's Own

    The central story of an IRA member taking up residence with a NYC policeman is quite good, and the scenes with Ford and Pitt bonding have this underlying heart of deceit to them. Less strong, however, are the scenes with Ford at his cop job, which teeter on silliness or underdevelop their relevance to that strong main conflict. Ultimately, The Devil's Own is a melodrama that could be a stronger, more thrilling drama.

  7. Paul Relf's rating of the film The Devil's Own

    3.5 It's a dodgy classic, come on!

  8. Daniel S.'s rating of the film The Devil's Own

    This one is really bad. Pakula's last film but it's more a producer movie than anything else. Instant crap.

  9. PolarisDiB's rating of the film The Devil's Own

    Brad Pitt's accent is not as good as his work in Snatch, so he mumbles a lot of it to hide the soft spots. --DiB