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The Eyes of Orson Welles

Dirigido por Mark Cousins
Reino Unido, 2018


Mark Cousins was granted exclusive access to a treasure trove of images for this film: the art, set designs and storyboards Orson Welles produced act as an entry point to delve into the visual world of the legendary director, and to draw a portrait of the artist as he’s never been seen before.

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The Eyes of Orson Welles Dirigido por Mark Cousins

Opiniões dos críticos

I never grew tired of watching this documentary, jam-packed with film clips, archival footage, drawings, and paintings by Welles, just as I never tire of revisiting most Welles films, but I did tire of listeningto Mark Cousins’ ponderous voice-over, jam-packed with annoying rhetorical questions, on-the-nose jokes, and interesting stray observations framed as revelatory insights.
October 05, 2018
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Cousins is very convincing on iconography. . . . This is a critic’s film, and the observations would be worthwhile even without the biographical pegs they hang on.
October 04, 2018
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