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The Icicle Thief

Ladri di saponette

Dirigido por Maurizio Nichetti
Itália, 1989
Comédia, Fantasia


A movie resembling Bicycle Thieves is shown on TV, but the real-life world gets muddled with the film and the TV commercials.

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The Icicle Thief Dirigido por Maurizio Nichetti

Opiniões dos críticos

Nichetti’s conceits prove to be stronger and more sustaining not only because they lack [Woody Allen and Gore Vidal’s] condescension, but also because they’re grounded much more firmly in telling observations about movies, TV, and the contemporary audience; anchored in the present rather than the 30s (as in The Purple Rose) or the 40s (as in Myron), their social meanings cut much deeper.
September 14, 1990
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