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The Last Movie

Dirigido por Dennis Hopper
Estados Unidos, 1971


The Last Movie was the result – an amazing milieu of cinema and the decade it was created in. Hopper is a stunt man and wrangler on a big budget western, with which Hopper infused the presence of Sam Fuller, Sylvia Miles, Henry Fonda, and Kris Kristofferson.

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The Last Movie Dirigido por Dennis Hopper
It’s the rare film that seems both clearer and completely different with each viewing. And like those aforementioned works, it has an immersive pull that makes you want to see it again — that demands you see it again. The representational fissures of cinema — the tension between the real and the imaginary, between imitation and inspiration — have been woven into its very fabric.
August 02, 2018
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There is no doubt to the brilliant dynamism of Hopper’s performance; one moment he is quiet, sensitive and timid, the next he’s a drunken violent asshole. Like the movie itself, there is an immediate freeness to his acting, he moves and speaks every line as if for the first time.
July 23, 2018
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Although The Last Movie achieved a notoriety unsurpassed until Heaven’s Gate (1980), Hopper’s sin was worse than wasting money. Showing in a new 4K restoration, The Last Movie is an act of visionary aggression that desecrates Hollywood’s universal church.
June 26, 2018
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