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The Little Prince

Le Petit Prince

Dirigido por Mark Osborne
França, 2015
Família, Aventura, Comédia


In her new house a little girl follows an exact down-to-the-second plan everyday her mom made for her to achieve success, but their next door neighbor is one unlike anyone else, and that annoys them, but with time, she begins getting closer to the unique old man and life no longer has a routine

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The Little Prince Dirigido por Mark Osborne

Premiações e Festivais

César Awards

2016 | Vencedor: Best Animated Film

Austin Film Critics Association

2016 | Nomeado: Best Animated Film

Osborne never loses sight of the story’s sense of allegory, its dreamlike nature; he just scales it up for today and peoples it with new variations on the sad characters of the Prince’s old universe. Not everyone will be onboard with this choice — not when it comes to such a classic wisp of a tale like The Little Prince. But there’s a lot of charm, thought and feeling in this film version. It expands on the original without dishonoring it.
August 03, 2016
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Whatever its faults, The Little Prince offers a refreshing reprieve from brainwashing with its anecdotal, leisurely dramatization of a little girl as she discovers that the ambitious corporatized life awaiting her as an adult is a rigged and depressing game designed to stifle individuality for the sake of profiting a select few.
August 01, 2016
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Mr. Prince’s spinelessness makes him a nice foil for the little girl, a plucky heroine of unfaltering grit and determination, but causes one to lose sympathy for his earlier exploits as the little prince. While the scenes with the little prince and the aviator are whimsically charming, they fail to make up for the framing plot’s trivialization of the source material, undermining the original story’s beguiling, tragic quality.
February 12, 2016
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