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The Missouri Breaks

Dirigido por Arthur Penn
Estados Unidos, 1976
Drama, Faroeste


Tom Logan is a horse thief. Rancher David Braxton has horses, and a daughter, worth stealing. But Braxton has just hired Lee Clayton, an infamous “regulator”, to hunt down the horse thieves; one at a time.

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The Missouri Breaks Dirigido por Arthur Penn

Opiniões dos críticos

Though any auteurist impulsiveness is upstaged by Brando’s own idiosyncrasies and improvisations, Penn’s control is evident throughout. Nicholson, Harry Dean Stanton, and Randy Quaid (the latter of whom play Logan’s fellow rustlers) also help to balance out the insanity, and even though Nicholson was reportedly unhappy with Brando’s oppressive absurdity, his steady performance lends tenability to the latter’s antics, and even makes their consummate showoffs all the more climactic.
August 19, 2016
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It boasts an inconsistent, occasionally visionary director, willfully difficult, sometimes quite brilliant leading men, and troubling subject matter that, in this case, explicitly alludes to America’s troubled legacy as a country whose laws are designed to favor rich white exploiters who handle the land as they please. The Missouri Breaks has aged well, for reasons that are obvious given those themes, but it’s a beautiful, gleefully weird vanity project that never quite coheres.
December 08, 2014
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