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A Rosa Púrpura do Cairo

The Purple Rose of Cairo

Dirigido por Woody Allen
Estados Unidos, 1985
Comédia, Fantasia, Romance


In Depression era New Jersey, a waitress named Cecilia goes to the movies to escape her drab life. Everything changes when one of the characters in her favorite film walks off the screen to join her in the real world.

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A Rosa Púrpura do Cairo Dirigido por Woody Allen

Premiações e Festivais

Cannes Film Festival

1985 | Vencedor: FIPRESCI Prize (Out of Competition)

Academy Awards

1986 | Nomeado: Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen

Opiniões dos críticos

Even if the film ends on a downer, it remains a fundamentally hopeful film, one that owes as much to Preston Sturges’s egalitarian Sullivan’s Travels as the meta-cinematic tricks of Buster Keaton’s Sherlock Jr. In one final wrinkle of reality and fiction blurring, the director tweaks Sturges’s story so that the pretentious, insecure artist who needs to be reminded of the joy that “common” movies give audiences is Allen himself.
January 27, 2015
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Woody Allen’s warm-hearted, mid-80s excursion into Pirandello-esque metafiction is one of his most joyous works, despite being shot through with a current of sadness that never dissipates… Daniels works wonders with a difficult dual role that requires him to sublimate elements of one part (the actor) into the other (the character), while keeping both distinct. Nic Cage-and Charlie Kaufman, come to think of it-were certainly both watching closely when they made Adaptation.
September 24, 2014
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