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Os sapatos Vermelhos

The Red Shoes

Reino Unido, 1948
Drama, Romance, Música


Este longa em Technicolor segue a talentosa bailarina chamada Victoria Page que é obrigada a escolher entre sua carreira e seus sentimentos por um jovem compositor.

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Os sapatos Vermelhos Dirigido por Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger

Premiações e Festivais

Academy Awards

1949 | 2 vitórias, incluindo: Best Art Direction-Set Decoration, Color

1949 | 3 nomeações, incluindo: Best Picture

The Goethean rupture, Ballet Russe treatment. To rush “into the jaws of Hell,” that’s the artist’s duty, Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger wouldn’t have it any other way… An incomparable hallucination of fatale beauté absorbed by De Palma and Scorsese and Jarman and many others, just the altar for the divine nymph in the aquamarine chiffon gown finally seen with red all over.
July 25, 2016
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These characters have become cinematic tropes partly on account of Moira Shearer’s penetratingly realistic performance as Vicky Page and Anton Walbrook’s equally authoritative turn as Boris Lermontov. Beyond that, The Red Shoes singularly achieves a primary objective of any moving picture: the integration of physical and emotional expression.
August 05, 2015
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[Lermontov] is, as far as the love between Julian and Victoria is concerned, the villain. But, if he’s villain then he’s victim too. For, his great love, mistress and companion, is the ballet. And Victoria and Julian’s romance threatens the success of the ballet, or, at least, in Lermontov’s besotted mind it does. Their love stands in the way of his love.
August 06, 2010
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