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Estados Unidos, 2012
Drama, Curta


Eight people hide out in a suburban apartment and do everything they possibly can to continue delaying the inevitable pull towards ‘growing up’.

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Whateverland Dirigido por Jacob Hengesbaugh, Nicole-Raq Jarrell

O que as pessas estão dizendo?

  • yasdnil's rating of the film Whateverland

    Whateverland is...whatever. It's like these kids made a film to gain Tumblr followers (judging from the film's very own blog). The ideas and effort were there, but completely lacked heart. They borrowed ideas from other films (Heartbeats, The Artist) too much, and the girl (poorly) mimicking Clara Bow was obnoxious. 70% of the film was spent smoking or making out, yawn. May they never make a film again.

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