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Nós vasculhamos o mundo para trazer novos filmes todos os meses diretamente dos festivais de cinema mais prestigiados. Nossa série Descoberta Especial exibe exclusivamente filmes escolhidos a dedo de diretores consagrados e apresenta alguns dos cineastas mais talentosos a surgirem em cena.

The Night I Swam

Damien Manivel, Igarashi Kohei França, 2017

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Montanhas cobertas de neve no Japão. Todas as noites, um pescador vai até o mercado na cidade, deixando seu filho de seis anos acordado e com dificuldade para voltar a dormir. A criança pinta enquanto todos na casa estão dormindo.

The Nothing Factory

Pedro Pinho Portugal, 2017

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When management begins to sell off equipment at a factory that makes elevator parts, the workers become nervous about their job security. As they weigh their options, including a strike and a tongue-in-cheek suggestion at an armed response, the workers are forced to continue showing up at work.

The Dreamed Path

Angela Schanelec Alemanha, 2016

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Theres e Kenneth são jovens quando se conhecem durante as férias de verão na Grécia. Eles se apaixonam, mas não podem fazer nada para impedir a separação iminente. Trinta anos depois, em outro país, outro casal: Ariane deixa o marido David porque já não o ama.

Bright Nights

Thomas Arslan Alemanha, 2017

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Um pai tenta reavivar sua relação com seu filho depois de anos de ausência e falta de comunicação. Ele o leva para fazer um passeio de carro pelo norte da Noruega, esperando que não seja tarde demais.


Michael Glawogger, Monika Willi Áustria, 2017


Mais de dois anos após a morte repentina de Michael Glawogger em abril de 2014, a editora de cinema Monika Willi faz um filme usando as filmagens produzidas durante 4 meses e 19 dias nos Balcãs, Itália, noroeste e oeste da África.

A Decent Woman

Lukas Valenta Rinner Argentina, 2016


Uma empregada que trabalha em uma comunidade fechada exclusiva nos arredores de Buenos Aires embarca em uma jornada de liberação sexual e mental em um clube nudista de swingers.

Self-Criticism of a Bourgeois Dog

Julian Radlmaier Alemanha, 2017


O jovem cineasta Julian, ironicamente interpretado pelo próprio diretor Julian Radlmaier, se apaixona por uma jovem expatriada e lhe oferece o papel principal em seu filme de contos de fadas comunista.


Léa Mysius França, 2017


One of the best debuts of the year lands on MUBI! Premiering in Cannes in May, Mysius’ beguiling exploration of female sexuality and teenage fears is a life-affirming, infectious blend of ravishing colors, whimsical humor and the dreamy melancholy of a transformative summer. Bonus: that soundtrack!


Sion Sono Japão, 2016

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Following Wet Woman on the Wind, we bring you the latest Nikkatsu Roman Porno reboot. Genre-bending Japanese provocateur Sono Sion (Love Exposure) flips his assignment on its head, transforming his softcore film into a candy-colored, fourth-wall-breaking exposé of the sex (and art) industry.

Wet Woman in the Wind

Akihiko Shiota Japão, 2016

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Nikkatsu is rebooting its legendary Roman Porno series, giving different directors creative freedom in exchange for thriftiness and a healthy dose of sex. The first of these softcore art films (or arty softcore films, if you wish!), is Akihiko Shiota’s slapstick comedy, a breezily playful delight.

Under Electric Clouds

Aleksei German Ml. Rússia, 2015


A grandiose vision of Russia’s future (in fact, 2017!) by Aleksei German Jr., son of the legendary director Aleksei German (Hard to Be a God). As with Zvyagintsev’s Leviathan, a building takes on epic new meaning as different people’s stories whirl around its totemic hulk in this audacious drama.

A German Youth

Jean-Gabriel Périot França, 2015


Um filme que começa com Godard e termina com Fassbinder só pode ter uma alma agressiva. Recusando corajosamente a narração de áudio, a colagem de Périot de imagens antigas do conflito político na Alemanha pós-guerra é uma meditação apaixonante sobre a radicalização que é de extrema importância hoje.

One Floor Below

Radu Muntean Romênia, 2015


Um assassinato é escondido atrás da tapeçaria da vida cotidiana neste drama sutil e observador do diretor romano Radu Muntean, que estreou em Cannes. Um homem tenta seguir sua rotina enquanto uma morte no seu prédio silenciosamente fervilha seu mundo em uma mistura de culpa, suspeita e segredos.

O Futuro Perfeito

Nele Wohlatz Argentina, 2016


It’s not very often that a film is smart and modest at the same time. German-born, Argentina-based Nele Wohlatz has made an impossibly humble comedy, unassumingly clever and irresistibly warm, so empathetic in capturing what being a foreigner feels like that will restore your hope in humanity.

Hello Destroyer

Kevan Funk Canadá, 2016


Canada is amidst a renaissance of refreshing movies by a new wave of directors. Told with a bold disaffected style recalling Michael Haneke, this debut is at the forefront. Hello Destroyer is an intimate portrait of a young hockey player and an incisive reflection on institutionalized violence.

Brooks, Meadows and Lovely Faces

Yousry Nasrallah Egito, 2016


Egyptian auteur Yousry Nasrallah deftly weaves between drama, comedy and subtle political insight in this warm and colorful social tapestry. Romantic, business and sexual relationships swirl around a wedding, a grand, music and food-filled event touching all types of people, wealthy and working.

The Event

Sergei Loznitsa Holanda, 2015


Sergei Loznitsa has made an astounding documentary from restored footage of the dramatic cavalcade of events during the collapse of the Soviet Union 26 years ago this month: government dissolution, Gorbachev gone missing, and a coup d’etat. Like today, we only know what is presented to the public.

Eldorado XXI

Salomé Lamas França, 2016


Not only a stunning ethnographic portrait of a community and landscape, Eldorado XXI is also a haunting, immersive experience—a trance that blends the grandeur of a mythical land with the shadow of colonialism, blurring the limits of cinematic narrative. Please watch on the biggest screen you can.

Scarred Hearts

Radu Jude Romênia, 2016


Romanian New Wave director Radu Jude follows up his award-winning Aferim! with this wry adaptation mixing an author’s writings with his life. Shooting his colorful 35mm production in playfully old fashioned 4:3, this ode to an ingenious and poetic soul is a delightful mix of melancholy and humor.

Le Moulin

Huang Ya-li Taiwan, 2015


With remarkable variety of form and a graceful touch, this expansive yet tremendously sensitive debut by Huang Ya-li is an epic and detailed immersion into a remarkable group of writers in Taiwan. Spanning three decades of political turmoil and war, we movingly watch their struggle to create art.

Over the Years

Nikolaus Geyrhalter Áustria, 2015


Acclaimed documentarian Nikolaus Geyrhalter returned to Waldviertel for 10 years to film this one-of-a-kind, sprawling portrait of a region transformed year after year by economic turmoil. You powerfully get to know these people literally across time as they deal with wages and aging.

John From

João Nicolau Portugal, 2015


João Nicolau has become one of the main voices of contemporary Portuguese cinema, next to the likes of Miguel Gomes or João Pedro Rodrigues. This dreamy coming-of-age tale of both epic and intimate proportions—just like first love—is a truly original, enchanting ode to adolescence and fantasy.


Antoine Barraud França, 2015


Our second Special Discovery is a never-before-seen version of Antoine Barraud’s Berlinale-fêted Le dos rouge. Wander in Paris’ mesmerizing museums in Bertrand Bonello’s company, which Sarah Winchester’s director roams in search of monstrosity, sharing the screen with some of France’s finest actors.

Sarah Winchester, Phantom Opera

Bertrand Bonello França, 2016


This month’s Special Discovery duo is a pairing with French auteur Bertrand Bonello (Saint Laurent, Nocturama), first behind the camera and then in front. They are also films that approach and integrate other arts: here, a gorgeous, mysterious sketch towards a dark opera rich in dance and music.

Between Fences

Avi Mograbi Israel, 2016


How can a migrant tell his or her story? Documentarian Avi Mograbi has come together with theater director Chen Alon to collaborate with detainees in Israel not only to document their treatment but to work together using Theater of the Oppressed methods to dramatize their incredible experiences.

Silvered Water, Syria Self-Portrait

Ossama Mohammed, Wiam Bedirxan França, 2014


“1001 images of Syria, shot by 1001 Syrians,” says Mohammed, an exile in Paris following the traces of his country’s war found online. Later, Kurdish director Wiam Simav Bedirxan sends him footage from Homs. An immensely powerful and moving correspondence between exile and home, images and reality.

The Park

Damien Manivel França, 2016

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We are proud to present our first Special Discovery—bringing you gems direct from the world’s best film festivals—the second film by emerging French director Damien Manivel. A minimalist romance charting an entire teenage relationship over the course of a day, by night things turn phantasmagoric.

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