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New Argentine Cinema

Rental Special

We’re thrilled to unveil one of our summer surprises, a wonderfully unruly season dedicated to the B-side of the so-called New Argentine Cinema. In the context of an unprecedented cinematic renovation lead by the groundbreaking work of now internationally revered auteurs such as Lisandro Alonso, Lucrecia Martel or Martin Rejtman, a group of young, extremely talented and fiercely independent filmmakers joined the revolution and took things even further by setting up their own new rules. Mostly part of El Pampero Cine, what has been described as Argentina’s most rebellious production company, these combatants reject the industrial infrastructure and embrace experimentation by pushing boundaries almost in every aspect of the moviemaking process, from funding to production to exhibition. Here’s a collection of fascinating, uncompromising, and utterly original films that defy all expectations, redefine “low-budget cinema”, and are certainly “100% Made in Argentina”.


Alejo Moguillansky Argentina, 2009

This cockeyed semi-comedy’s unlikely basis is Samuel Beckett’s 1938 novel Murphy, but it preserves only the book’s central conceit: a set of characters constantly in pursuit of the title character ready to check out of the rat race and sever all ties with his past.

Extraordinary Stories

Mariano Llinás Argentina, 2008

Imbued with the spirit of Robert Louis Stevenson and filtered through the sensibilities of Jorge Luis Borges and Thomas Pynchon, three unconnected, voiceover-narrated tales each start off innocently enough and then veer into ever stranger, more fascinating realms.


Laura Citarella Argentina, 2011

A young woman wins a 4-day vacation in a hotel in Ostende, a sea resort near Buenos Aires. It is the low season, and she gets to the place alone—her boyfriend will join her a few days later, interrupting this beach-set, intriguing micro-cosmos that might be filled with stories she doesn’t know.


Mariano Llinás Argentina, 2002

Lifeguards, luxury hotels from early XXth Century, mermaids, sea animals and sand castles gather in this labyrinthine essay. A “documentary” about balnearios, Argentine bath resorts and the idea of cities dedicated exclusively to idleness, empty along the winter months and crowded in the summer.

About Twelve

Martín Shanly Argentina, 2014

12-year-old Juana goes to a British school in Buenos Aires, where she fails both socially and academically. Surrounded by the same routine, going to class and trying to pull her social life back together, Juana goes through the strange days one week before the exams that will determine her future.