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Philippe Garrel: Fight for Eternity

Rental Special

“Through art, we fight for eternity; but there’s no point because we’re mortal.” —Philippe Garrel

Les hautes solitudes

Philippe Garrel France, 1974

Garrel convinced Jean Seberg—in the midst of a long struggle with mental illness, alcohol and drug— to “star” in this silent document of her daily life. Consisting mostly of meditative B&W close-ups of Seberg and her friends, as her torments and inner life flicker across her eerily beautiful face.

Wild Innocence

Philippe Garrel France, 2001

A director wants to make an anti-drug film because his wife died of a heroin overdose. He’s planned the lead for a young actress with whom he’s in love. One day, a man becomes interested in the story and offers the director a vast sum of money—if he’ll smuggle heroin in a suitcase across the border.