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By MR. Univers​e on July 3, 2011

I don’t know if i’m right but the three short films that make up this anthology seem like films that are entertaining to the directors but to the audience not so much. They seem like larks to explore a foreign city and use it as a grand scheme to explain being a outsider sometimes in your homeland at least that’s what it feels like they are saying. Other then being over the top pretentious.

this is the first short and it follows a down adn out couple. He’s a filmmaker. She is his girlfriend and feels more and more useless as her despair grows. She finds herself transforming into a chair. She finally starts finding herself useful and able to give the proper support. This film feels like a punchline to a joke no one presents. While the special effects are inventive as usual from Mr. Gondry. I still found the film a disappointment. I really wanted to like it as i am a fan,But like the rest of the shorts i found it Extremely dull and boring.

This short which is like a human spoof of Godzilla as a Disfigured Frenchman in a green suit terrorizes tokyo. He seems to be unstoppable and possibly Schizophrenic. No one seems to identify him or understand him.It’s almost like the ugly american steretype. This one started well with a lot of energy and humor. that the former short lacked. It seems like it was for nothing as this one fizzles out and soon makes no sense. It offers no explination things just seem to happen.

The last short has moments of intriguing ideas. A man who’s afraid to go outside, He’s Agoraphobic. Meets a delivery girl who faints in his apartment after a earthquake. He noticesshe has buttons tattoed on her skin that seem to control her. He feels a connection and he finally decides to venture outside. This was shockingly the best short. maybe because it was so low key. It didn’t try to use a grand or shocking idea as a jumping off point. Plus it was romantic. It had great ideas, but moved so slow that it felt longer then it should