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Like a recap that never ends

By Michael Harbour on February 2, 2012

You know how some movies start with a prologue or, if it’s a sequel, a recap and then segue into the story? You always know when the recap ends and the movie begins. The style is different. The music is different. In the prologue/recap here’s no time wasted on detail; just hit the dramatic highlights, crescendo, and move on.

“Agneepath” is like a recap that never ends. The close shots and quick cuts. The dramatic music with its percussive drive, dramatic horns, and majestic strings. The apparent assumption of interest, since the characters are never really introduced, just presented. Occasionally the music would rise to a climax and the scene would cut to a quiet medium or long shot and it felt like now the movie was starting. But then we’d be right back in to the rapidly repeated crescendos again a few minutes later.

The movie did finally evolve a somewhat more narrative style the last quarter or so to finish up the story and became more engaging.

And it’s a good looking movie. Colorful, well shot and well composed images, very good dance numbers, and pretty leads.