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A Couch in New York

Un divan à New York

Regizat de Chantal Akerman
Germania de Est, Franța, 1996


Chantal Akerman’s big-budget burlesque comedy about the adventures of Henry (William Hurt) and Beatrice (Juliette Binoche) who swap apartments.

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A Couch in New York Regizat de Chantal Akerman

Recenzii ale criticilor

The big difference between the great Lubitsch movies and this brave comedy by Akerman is that A Couch in New York, finally, is rather charmless, even a bit forced. . . . But that is Akerman’s gamble here, on many levels: to make a breezy, bright, liberating romantic comedy without the usual charm, without the typical chemistry; without those conventional crutches, or easy ways of securing audience empathy.
December 01, 2007
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