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Almayer's Folly

La folie Almayer

Regizat de Chantal Akerman
Belgia, Franța, 2011


Almayer is a European trader in 1950s Malaysia. His house has seen better times and the jungle iaims to take it back. His Malaysian wife is mad. Their daughter has been sent away for a better life and an education. But his dreams of a Western life for his daughter slowly lead to destruction.

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Almayer's Folly Regizat de Chantal Akerman
Gaspard Almayer is the worst kind of blinkered racist that white culture could possibly produce, but he is also a father completely in love with his daughter—a passion which moved Akerman, and sparked in her the determination to begin the long haul required (four years) to get the movie made and released, against all odds. It would be the last time that Chantal Akerman (in the words of Leonard Cohen) “came so far for beauty.” At least, happily for the world, she left a lot behind.
October 26, 2015
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Beginning with an opening musical number that hides a murder, continuing through the most audacious tracking shot of any film on this list, on through to meticulously chosen shots of the city and the jungle that show in thirty seconds what whole films miss about the way lives are lived, Almayer’s Folly isn’t typical fare for its director, but it is typically foundation-shaking.
October 06, 2015
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…At a certain point the force of this magisterial slow burner, in spite of its mood of tropical languor, was totally enveloping. Even as she gets older, Akerman is still a whiz with the camera… Dean Martin and Mozart waft through this thick, humid atmosphere, providing a fitting sense of cultural displacement to this dark, pitiless meditation on the existential dead end of greed and colonialism.
October 17, 2013
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