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Regizat de Chris Noonan
Statele Unite, Australia, 1995
Comedie, Family


Farmer Hoggett wins a runt piglet at a local fair and young Babe, as the piglet decides to call himself, befriends and learns about all the other creatures on the farm. He becomes special friends with one of the sheepdogs, Fly…

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Babe Regizat de Chris Noonan

Premii & Festivaluri

Academy Awards

1996 | Câștigător: Best Effects, Visual Effects

1996 | 6 nominalizări, inclusiv Best Picture

Recenzii ale criticilor

Writer-producer George Miller is the Australian wonder responsible for both the antihumanist brilliance of the Mad Max movies and the humanist brilliance of Lorenzo’s Oil, and that same paradox animates this movie. The film succeeds because its talking animals are more than just ersatz humans. In addition the lip sync is more skillful than in Forrest Gump, the characters (both animal and human) are solidly conceived, and the storytelling and visuals are expertly fashioned.
September 01, 1995
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  • Lights in the Dusk's rating of the film Babe

    This childhood favourite has lost none of its ability to charm or enthrall a wide audience; presenting with it a theme of individual identity & aspiration that still works to inspire & provoke. Whether we look at Babe as a metaphor on class, gender, sexuality, etc., the film's simple story of a pig who wants to be a sheepdog suggests so much about overcoming prejudice & personal circumstances. It's a beautiful film.

  • Matt Burgess's rating of the film Babe

    Harmless children's fairy tale that is generally of much better quality then most family films (and more adult with its darker themes of lost innocence than you'd expect) but its aggressively feel good gloss at times made my teeth hurt. The slightly bizarre sequel is more interesting.

  • Daniel Roque's rating of the film Babe

    Since the 1990s I remembered 'Babe' as a nice family movie, until I rewatch it again as realised how creepy this is. Number one movie in a list to anyone who wants to become vegetarian.

  • Elephants Gerald's rating of the film Babe

    In a Kafkaesque turn of events, the entire world thought BABE was a lighthearted romp, while I was left weeping from what was the most morbid existential allegory I've ever seen. Because this is BABE, it sounds like I'm joking. I'm not. This movie is about a holy fool slowly learning that the forces of the universe have brought him, and his species, into being for the express purpose of being murdered. Devastating.

  • MGeo's rating of the film Babe

    This is the epitome of family films and is the one family film all must answer to. To actually make a talking pig amongst others truly believable characters is not an easy feat at all. However, Chris Noonan excels completely. This is one of the great films because it has both unforgettable and astonishing moments you just don't see very often in family films. I loved it as a kid, and I love it even more now.

  • AKFilmFan's rating of the film Babe

    An unexpected gem with a wonderful performance by Cromwell. This family film has a wonderful message and respects its audience in its lack of cynicism, pandering, and irony that's prevalent in many of today's family films.

  • Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film Babe

    Hmm; this one gives me complicated feelings. The story has a model of uplift, but the movie acknowledges (and substantially so) the horror of the system that Babe inhabits. The expressionistic lighting and 'Animal Farm'-esque nature of the thing sort of cast the lighthearted music and comic tone in an ironic light. And I'm not sure that's entirely right for a family film. On the upside: nice animal semiotics here.

  • Renton47's rating of the film Babe

    Hmm. Being no longer of the intended audience I concede that Babe certainly has its charms, and I only dutifully caught it for a podcast. But in its own weird, committed way, I can see the vision that connects this to Fury Road in its singular-minded grotesqueness. Its largely the introduction of plot and message that put me off, more sequences like the clock heist would have sufficed. 2.5

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