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Regizat de Adam McKay
Statele Unite, 2018
Biografie, Dramă


The story of former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney who avoided military service during the 1960s Vietnam War, but became a stout advocate to invade Iraq in 2003 over false claims that it was developing nuclear weapons.

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Vice Regizat de Adam McKay

Premii & Festivaluri

Berlin International Film Festival

2019 | Out of Competition

Academy Awards

2019 | 7 nominalizări, inclusiv Best Director

2019 | Câștigător: Best Makeup and Hairstyling

BAFTA Awards

2019 | 5 nominalizări, inclusiv Leading Actor

2019 | Câștigător: Editing

Directors Guild of America

2019 | Nominalizat Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Feature Film

A movie by Adam McKay, who made The Big Short and various beloved Will Ferrell comedies, should be better than an Oliver Stone biopic, and Vice is not. It should be a slam-dunk, not a highlight reel. McKay has done the unthinkable: botched a takedown of Dick Cheney, a man who shot his friend in the face and then made him apologize.
March 04, 2019
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The man at its center deserves the scrutiny of a more thoughtful, serious, or, frankly, competent biographer. In every possible sense, this movie fails to live up to its burden to history.
January 12, 2019
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McKay suggests we look again; that where the historical machinery of power appears its calmest is, in fact, the eye of the storm. Vice argues that Cheney’s methodical and relatively frictionless ascent to the heights of stature and influence is best examined and understood through the prism of the disarray it portends.
January 08, 2019
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  • chanandre's rating of the film Vice

    [Cineplace Leiria] Citizen Kane for the Snapchat gen.// Not sure how i feel about him throwing his gay daughter under the bus, a daughter that he supported and shielded always since when she came out to when he was in high office - in a rare instance of having morals - is it just to prove he is a fair dad and wanting her other daughter to have a real shot in succeeding in Politics (Obama was anti Gay marriage too) ?

  • HKFanatic's rating of the film Vice

    "Vice" has the look and feel of a prestige picture, but no narrative spine to speak of. It's an amorphous collection of scenes carried only by their powerful subject matter and Oscar-worthy acting talent. I get that writer/director Adam McKay thinks most Americans are stupid - alright, if that's the case, why produce a film that stoops to their level? McKay makes entertainment that actively condescends the viewer.

  • Tigrão's rating of the film Vice

    A very poor and excruciatingly boring attempt at channeling Scorsese's kinetic and meta style of "The Wolf of Wall Street". A waste of a talented cast, "Vice" suffers from an extremely uneven and seemingly uncontrolled pacing.

  • Jérémy Poirier's rating of the film Vice

    A deliriously funny and thought provoking film about a real life motherfucker. Christian Bale delivers one of the greatest performances (and physical transformations) of his career as Dick Cheney. The rest of the cast is brilliantly chosen especially Rockwell as W. Bush ("Hot damn!"). The screenplay is sharply written with abrasive humor and the editing and pacing are fucking insane. An exhilarating experience!

  • Ghostman's rating of the film Vice

    Vice is an unwieldy, mixed bag of a movie with undeniable highs but also equipped with some unfortunate lows. The performances are great, the production is well assembled and the film has some great scenes but falls well short of its promisingly satiric expectations. McKay, by becoming so filled with ambition, forgets his own strengths as an artist in the desire to be taken seriously as an 'important filmmaker'.

  • Zachary T.'s rating of the film Vice

    Inspired unconventional flourishes and solid turns from Bale, Rockwell and Adams keep it watchable, but ultimately it’s too scattershot and overstuffed to sustain itself. Does McKay want us to laugh at Cheney, or dread him? The case for the latter is more compelling, but the tone doesn’t serve it.

  • HenriqueA's rating of the film Vice

    2.5 - Bale is amazing, but McKay is too angry at the Bush administration (rightfully so) and too enamored with his own previous "grown-up comedy" (The Big Short) that he misses a few marks and gives us a soul-less (but very informative) account of Cheney's rise to power. As for the editing that'll probably win an Oscar, I've seen better edited youtube conspiracy theories. It is still worth the watch, nonetheless.

  • Sean Patrick Stevens's rating of the film Vice

    Bale, in a fascinating performance, exercises restraint here and strangely I feel the heavy handedness in the ludicrous fishing and teacup metaphors actually was a much needed counterpoint since Cheney remains an opportunistic cipher who is adept at manufacturing the war on terror but little else of value.

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