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Regizat de Marcel Pagnol
Franța, 1936
Comedie, Dramă


Honoré Panisse is dying, cheerfully, with friends, wife, and son at his side. He confesses to the priest in front of his friends; he insists that the doctor be truthful. But, he cannot bring himself to tell his son Cesariot that his real father is Marius.

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César Regizat de Marcel Pagnol
The three films are subtly different… Pagnol’s capper is relatively spartan, more trusting of our investment in the characters, and given the twenty-year narrative gap that separates it from the other movies, older-feeling, as if our shared involvement with César, Marius, Fanny, Panisse, and Césariot must slow down with the characters’ aging metabolisms.
June 20, 2017
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The trilogy’s greatest product is César, whose psychological complexity unravels as he’s forced to confront that he may be responsible for Marius’s abandonment of a pregnant Fanny at the conclusion of the first film. As played by Raimu, he’s a man of expressions, scoffs, and faulty but affectionate logic.
June 20, 2017
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The “girl woos boy, girl loses boy” plot at the center of Marius (1931), Fanny (1932), and César (1936), playwright-turned-filmmaker Marcel Pagnol’s seriocomic Marseille Trilogy, is the steam engine that drives a marvelous old-school carousel. What makes this tragicomic merry-go-round so intoxicating is not its speed or pace (slow and steady), but the beauty of its weather-streaked, hand-carved figures as they chug up and down and come full circle.
January 05, 2017
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