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Chile, Obstinate Memory

Chile, la memoria obstinada

Regizat de Patricio Guzmán
Canada, Franța, 1997


Guzmán interviews people involved in the making of The Battle of Chile, speaks with Allende’s former guards, reflects on his own time being held by the military government, and overall focuses on the individual experiences under such a regime.

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Chile, Obstinate Memory Regizat de Patricio Guzmán

Recenzii ale criticilor

The emotionally-charged reactions that [Guzmán] captures are intense and complex. The sheer clash of what The Battle of Chile’s footage reveals with the blinded cultural memory of Chile is made palpable by the confusion, the tears and the harsh realizations worn on their faces. From preservation to restoration, Guzmán works to resurrect a lost memory, placing pieces of a puzzle to create a clearer picture of a nation’s history.
January 03, 2016
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