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Days of Santiago

Días de Santiago

Regizat de Josué Méndez
Peru, 2004


Santiago is back in Lima, after fighting for his country for years. He will do anything, but the rules in Lima are very different from the army. Modern, gritty realism from Peru gives an impressive face to the energy and hopelessness of life in a large third-world city.

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Days of Santiago Regizat de Josué Méndez

Recenzii ale criticilor

The descriptions of violence are more than enough to bring forward the main performance, which delivers a sense of quiet anger, as if behind the calm and blank slate of a face of the protagonist was this seething rage, this sense that maybe he has seen too much. One of the few films that can make you feel the blood and the violent acts without seeing a drop of it, nor a flashback to those moments.
June 08, 2015
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