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Eat Your Bones

Mange tes morts

Regizat de Jean-Charles Hue
Franța, 2014
Dramă, Thriller


Jason Dorkel, 18 ani, face parte dintr-o comunitate de nomazi. Se pregătește de botez atunci când Fred, fratele lui vitreg, revine printre ei după câțiva ani de închisoare. Alături de fratele lor impulsiv și violent, cei trei frați Dorkels merg printre străini în căutare de cupru.

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Eat Your Bones Regizat de Jean-Charles Hue
Hue works closely with Yeniche nonprofessionals to create a sense of raw textures and whirlwind urges, an immersion into a milieu not unlike one of Tony Gatlif’s Roma shivarees but with its own undertow of danger. The mixture of improvised naturalism and hotheaded suspense is not always successful, but, in such evocative moments as a climactic dissolve from a racer’s windshield to the inside of an evangelical tent, Eat Your Bones attains a potent balance of its conflicting drives.
May 15, 2016
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Hue is indeed interested in authenticity. Eat Your Bones is awash in in-speak and argot, and the ball-busting cameraderie displayed here can’t be easily faked. But there’s an observational attitude that just as frequently fixates on white and blue light piercing a black night of swirling image grain.
March 07, 2015
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Hue is good at giving the night the ebb-and-flow that comes with increasing/diminishing amounts of alcohol in the bloodstream. That means, attendantly, varying amount of narrative engagement, but there’s a final car chase that skirts Michael Mann terrain for its exploitation of nighttime digital sheen — blue light, the fast blur of cars and so on
March 06, 2015
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Ce spun cinefilii?

  • T Mills's rating of the film Eat Your Bones

    A great crime film about what feels like real criminals, not exaggerated ones. The scene when he gets out and faces the police is incredible.

  • Mike Jempson's rating of the film Eat Your Bones

    Gritty, gutsy immersive interlude in the lives of the less respectable element of French Romanis. Does little to counter racist stereotypes, but provides a revealing account of bonds, bonding and familial responsibilities that develop among those outcast from the mainstream. A tough watch.

  • dionysus67's rating of the film Eat Your Bones

    A film which epitomizes integrity (in form and content), mostly evident in the awareness of its limitations. The close-ups which initially may alienate acquire resonance as the BMW is depicted as a closed system of tension, pent up anger, deprivation and redemption. Combined to the atmospheric long shots they create a world devoid of light, the latter being preeminent in the family context. F. Dorkel is compelling!

  • Michael H. CLAES's rating of the film Eat Your Bones

    "Mange tes morts" signifie qu’on envoie l’autre renier ses ancêtres. 2eme docu-fiction de HUE avec une famille de gitans du nord, hauts en couleur, borderline & impressionnants, les frères DORKEL. Déjanté et passionnant === "Eat your dead" means sending the other to deny his ancestors. 2nd HUE docu-fiction with a family of northern gypsies, the borderline & impressive DORKEL brothers. Violent, fascinating & thrilling

  • msmichel's rating of the film Eat Your Bones

    Hue continues his immersion into the Yeniche Roma community in France with this follow up to his earlier feature 'La BM du Seigneur'. A young man, whose older brother is just released after a 15 year stint in jail, accompanies his brothers on an excursion into possible crime and definite tragedy. Not as involving as one would hope and certainly overshadowed by similar themed films.

  • josé neves's rating of the film Eat Your Bones

    "Indie" cinema # 4: From the speed. Extending some ethnic folklore of his previous film, albeit with a hysteria on the brink of deafness, it expands beyond the limits an anthropological subservience by a superior narrative movement in speed limit. Shouting a life that craves death, it follows a vertigo densified in the sequences of the police chase, an intense reformulation of the french "polar".

  • mpho3's rating of the film Eat Your Bones

    "The images often arrest, vividly, and these young men impress, their presence as potent as that of the... beloved Alpina racer, its guttural, revving engine, the dingy, archaeological underground garage they find it in, the weights, the bare chests, the cropped hair, blinking eyes, spat accusations, the flying-by pleasure of road speed. Not perfect but certainly a dusky gem of a film." Daniel Karman, Mubi Notebook

  • Stephane Tanaka's rating of the film Eat Your Bones

    Dure! Dure au début de se taper ces personnages antipathiques au possible, ultra beaufs, consanguins, dégénérés débiles, mais passée les pulsions de génocide et d'eugénisme, on se laisse bercer par leur petite aventure qui finit pas mal. Rappelle le cinéma des Dardennes, et des films nordiques en général, de la Picardie aux Flandres, en passant par l'Ecosse. Mais il faut s'accrocher!

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