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Regizat de James Toback
Statele Unite, 1978
Crimă, Dramă


Keitel plays the lead in this schizophrenic movie in which he is continually pulled by the two conflicting sides of his personality, on the one hand that of a quiet piano virtuoso and on the other a ruthless debt collector for his mobster father.

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Fingers Regizat de James Toback

Recenzii ale criticilor

Toback seems to be fighting his way out of [steterotypes]. He, or rather Jimmy, seems to know nothing of the world of art, the world of sex, the world of ethnicity, or of family, or of love, or of money. For Toback, the images are pure, abstractly beautiful, Bach-like creations. One that he had to wrench at great mental, material and moral cost from the vortex of crushing forces and from the dregs of his own being.
December 04, 2014
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