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Howl's Moving Castle

Hauru no ugoku shiro

Regizat de Hayao Miyazaki
Japonia, 2004
Animație, Fantasy, Family


A young girl toils away in her parents hat shop, finding joy in the random encounters she has with the mysterious wizard, Howl. When a spiteful witch curses her with an old body, ashamed and afraid, she flees to Howl’s Magic Moving Castle.

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Howl's Moving Castle Regizat de Hayao Miyazaki

Recenzii ale criticilor

Every character in Howl’s Moving Castle—derived from an English novel by Diana Wynne Jones—is both lovable and seriously flawed, and though a war does rage around them, the only villains are the faceless forces on both sides that keep it going.
June 10, 2005
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