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I Am Cuba

Soy Cuba

Regizat de Mikhail Kalatozov
Cuba, Uniunea Sovietică, 1964


Four episodes chronicle Cuba’s ascent from colonialist degradation and totalitarian rule of Batista’s regime to a revolution that spreads across the country’s classes and regional lines.

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I Am Cuba Regizat de Mikhail Kalatozov

Recenzii ale criticilor

Obama is fascinated with the beauty of the island, whereas Kalatozov was fascinated with the beauty of its struggle for independence… Everyone wants a new kind of society. And they are ready to fight for this new way of life. This is what film celebrates. The beauty of this new Cuba.
June 10, 2016
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The staggering, swaggering camera choreography and unapologetic reliance on white-hot infrared film stock acknowledged, we should also consider I AM CUBA as a daffy but ultimately sincere political document.
February 08, 2013
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Undeniably monstrous and breathtakingly beautiful, ridiculous and awe inspiring, I Am Cuba confounds so many usual yardsticks of judgment that any kind of star rating becomes inadequate. A delirious, lyrical, epic piece of communist propaganda from 1964—at least three years in the making and 141 minutes long—it is simply too campy and too grotesque to qualify as a “masterpiece,” but I’d probably care less about it if it were one.
December 08, 1995
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