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Knife in the Water

Nóż w wodzie

Regizat de Roman Polanski
Polonia, 1962


Andrzej, an arrogant middle-aged man, and Krystyna, his much younger wife, invite a handsome male hitchhiker on their sailing trip, where the two men vie for Krystyna’s attention in Roman Polanski’s Oscar-nominated feature film debut.

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Knife in the Water Regizat de Roman Polanski

Premii & Festivaluri

Venice Film Festival

1962 | Câștigător: FIPRESCI Prize

Academy Awards

1964 | Nominalizat Best Foreign Language Film

BAFTA Awards

1964 | Nominalizat Best Film from any Source

Recenzii ale criticilor

While it’s worth reiterating that Roman Polanski’s first feature is one of the most adept debuts in cinema—achieving a constantly escalating sense of dread with a minimum of means—it’s also worth noting that the film owes its importance to more than beginner’s luck. What’s most remarkable about KNIFE IN THE WATER is that Polanski, at only 26, introduces in the film themes and tropes that he would build upon for the next 50 years.
July 01, 2011
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