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Regizat de Trey Edward Shults
Statele Unite, 2015


After a long absence, Krisha reunites with her family for a holiday gathering. She sees it as an opportunity to fix her past mistakes, cook the family turkey, and prove to her loved ones that she has changed for the better. But Krisha’s delirium takes her family on a holiday that no one will forget.

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Krisha Regizat de Trey Edward Shults

Premii & Festivaluri

Independent Spirit Awards

2016 | Câștigător: John Cassavetes Award

SXSW Film Festival

2015 | 2 premii

Village Voice Film Poll

2016 | Nominalizat Best First Feature

As a wreck of a needy alcoholic trying to re-connect with her family over Thanksgiving, Krisha Fairchild goes all-out Gena Rowlands and makes her swaggeringly unsympathetic character somehow glamorous and magnetic while also allowing very deadpan humor to grow out of the heavy-duty and upsetting confrontation scenes. What’s to be done with the Krishas of this world?
December 17, 2016
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A confessional narrative that expresses the emotional contours of addiction nwithout explicating them, Krisha is as perfect as a debut feature could hope to be – most of its flaws turn out to be strengths. Wearing all the hallmarks of an American micro-budget indie on its sleeve… Shults’s film transcends the potential clichés each of these elements contains and makes something accessible and personal.
December 02, 2016
Fairchild’s performance is key to the movie: Krisha is witty and chatty one moment, and shut down like a deserted fairground the next. We see dazzling warmth in her eyes, but also the terror of total system failure… If Shults didn’t look far to find some of his actors, he found the right one in Krisha Fairchild.
March 18, 2016
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