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Lost, Lost, Lost

Regizat de Jonas Mekas
Statele Unite, 1976


Se prea poate ca Walden să fi fost primul film jurnal al lui Mekas, dar cel care a inclus primele secvențe filmate de Mekas spune povestea călătoriei și stabilirii lui postbelice în America, Lost Lost Lost.

Acest film nu este disponibil momentan pe MUBI dar 30 de alte filme bune sunt. Vezi ce Rulează acum
Lost, Lost, Lost Regizat de Jonas Mekas
A complex and layered work, Lost Lost Lost—especially its first hour—is among cinema’s most poignant accounts of the immigrant experience.
September 03, 2018
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Historical artifacts in their own right for anyone interested in the domestic emergence of an artistic and cinematic counterculture, these films simultaneously function as unparalleled provocations of restrained contemplation.
August 10, 2018
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Since the images don’t unfold at 24 frames per second, what emerges can, in no way, be stated as a presentation of the real. This seems Mekas’s precise point, suggesting all art resides within the apparatus and its focus on either an event or, as it were, a fraction of said event. These ideas accumulate to extraordinary ends in Lost Lost Lost, so that a brief segment entitled “Rabbit Shit Haikus” has Mekas repeating “the road the road the road” and "the childhood the childhood the childhood.
November 22, 2015
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