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Regizat de Jerzy Skolimowski
Marea Britanie, 1982


Nowak (Jeremy Irons), a Polish contractor, leads a group of workmen to London so they can provide cheap labor for a government official based there. Nowak has to manage the project and the men as they encounter the temptations of the West and loneliness and separation from their families.

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Moonlighting Regizat de Jerzy Skolimowski

Recenzii ale criticilor

Seen on a small screen (where, thanks to commercials, there are still grotesque pictures depicting labour), the frenzy with which Skolimowski’s illegal workers take down walls and install plumbing pipes comes across as – yes – refreshing. Among the last films we saw, Moonlighting is one that sticks so well to reality that it benefits from its energy.
January 07, 1989
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  • msmichel's rating of the film Moonlighting

    Skolimowski's Cannes winning script couldn't have been more topical on release. Skolimowski an exile from his home country of Poland found himself in the U.K. as the Solidarity uprising was taking place at home. The script resulting from this was both political agitation and black comedy that excelled as both. Irons as the English speaking Pole hiding the truth from his co-workers in a foreign land is sublime here.

  • Addy K.'s rating of the film Moonlighting

    Four nervous men are clearing customs at a Poland airport while the fluorescents above flicker wildly, perfectly synced to Hans Zimmer's sinister electronics. Thus begins Jerzy Skolimowski's ingenious, metaphorical head trip with Jeremy Irons as the tormented Nowak trying to do right in a nightmarish London where capitalist Brits are no better or worse than socialist Poles. Humans as prisoners of their own system.

  • El Biffo's rating of the film Moonlighting

    Skolimowski's cold, calculating directorial style is matched perfectly with Jeremy Irons' maniacally obsessive performance style and the result is a simple home renovation turned into an ultra-stressful nightmare, as harrowing as the life-or-death journey in ESSENTIAL KILLING, as strung-out as the drug-induced psychosis of DEAD RINGERS. 4.4 stars.

  • mpho3's rating of the film Moonlighting

    "The economy of Skolimowski’s means and the suggestiveness of his idiosyncratic vision merge perfectly. What did he need, really, to tell his tale of four poor schmucks caught in absurdist limbo?" (Richard Jameson, Parallax-View). Moonlighting's Poland only ever exists in the minds of the cosmically exiled protagonists; even we viewers never see home. Ignorance is purgatory, solidarity brewed in tin cans. 3.5 stars

  • FilmEdie's rating of the film Moonlighting

    Relentlessly unnerving, thanks to taut direction and high-tension ambient score, the mood accentuated rather than relieved by the ample, heartwrenchingly wry sight gags, with no respite in the film's implications - as complex & equivocal as the political situation it explores, Skolimowski's microcosm is a masterwork of minimalist precision. Affecting w/out feeling manipulative; a cypher w/out feeling like a cop-out.

  • T. J. Harman's rating of the film Moonlighting

    The comparison to PickPocket a commenter made below is very apt. I like how Skolimowski can glide effortlessly between the more surreal stuff he did in the 60s and to a more realistic take in this film. Irons' performance is his most subtle and restrained.

  • Wee Hunk's rating of the film Moonlighting

    I liked it at the time, but I think now that I probably wouldn't have watched it in the first place if the overall selection of movies wasn't so bad in the 80's. I think I just watched every movie from the video store.

  • the prince's rating of the film Moonlighting

    I love the fact that Skolimowski used this movie to renovate his actual London flat. . . and a great way to get a free film set and renovated apartment :-)

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