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  1. parnian janatimehr's rating of the film Naked

  2. leonordbatista's rating of the film Naked

    O poder da filosofia no cinema de não conseguirmos ficar confortáveis no sofá. Diálogo de fazer tirar anotações. David Thewlis aponta-nos um espelho sujo à cara, desafia-nos

  3. Duarte Ferreira's rating of the film Naked

    A tumbling, lifelike machine that grinds and shambles to the perpetual sound of a cacophonous, human decadence. It's our miserable existence tightly packed into a two hour reel of filthy grain that I just couldn't NOT empathize with. Mike Leigh keeps a very fluid leash throughout the course of the narrative, but never loses control of what on lesser hands could have ended up as a total disaster

  4. Joel's rating of the film Naked

    As difficult and disturbing as it is compelling and somehow charming. A strange film fraught full of madness and philosophical bile. The lead is at once brutal, apathetic and disgusting but also somehow compelling in his carefree insistence to keep on. A tough but wholly unique watch, all topped off by a powerful final shot as the villain/hero of the tale stumbles off into the sunset. Would you like some tea?

  5. ceknklsn's rating of the film Naked

    75/100 (Tamam biz de nihilistiz de bu ikinci yarıyla olmaz abi. Yani iki yarı arasında bu kadar fark olmaz. Güvenlik görevlisiyle konuşma bittikten sonra film adeta uçuruma yuvarlanıyor. Komik çanta kaptırma, dayak yeme sahneleri-kadınlara karşı dikizlemenin özendirilmesi-ev sahibi karakterinin hiç derinlemesine açıklanamaması-vurucu diyalogların bitmesi. Bu film net harcanmış. İlk yarı 82, ikinci yarı 65 max...)

  6. hazal ilbay's rating of the film Naked

  7. VincentVendetta's rating of the film Naked

    Post-punk is dead, and the corpse's been raped all over. Naked is the British Fight Club, incessantly blasting its cool, young nihilist truths and antics to whoever's nearby, deep in the cinematic purgatory of social realism. The 90's really wanted you to know they were hardcore.

  8. Will's rating of the film Naked

    Yeah it was good. Started off thinking it was just gonna be a celebration of Johnny’s shitty “free thinking” libertarian nonsense, but it clearly doesn’t want to do that. Everyone and everything is pretty bleak, but I think there are glimmers of hope in how they all behave. Except that Sebastian guy.

  9. Jdsarmientoburgos's rating of the film Naked

    I do think it falls apart towards the end, but the majority of this film was tremendous. Great characters, just wish it had taken a different turn. The best part was when Johnny and Sophie got together.

  10. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Naked

    4.5 stars. A stinking, howling portrait of Hell with moments of love like fag ends in the gutter. As long as not taken as some kind of universalising statement but as a series of interwoven individualised character pieces its misogyny can be sat with, which is thankfully counterbalanced if you consider 'Happy-Go-Lucky' its spiritual sequel. Alone the film harrows, harrows, harrows.

  11. Eriugena82's rating of the film Naked

    Hopelessly bleak and relentlessly depressing, but absolutely fantastic. It is a black comedy, so despite the bleakness there are some funny scenes. Thewlis is great as Johnny, an over-educated and disenchanted man lost in modern society. Worryingly relatable!

  12. Horia Constantinescu's rating of the film Naked

  13. 丹尼斯's rating of the film Naked

  14. Stian Gledje Bekkvik's rating of the film Naked

  15. Aaron C Jones's rating of the film Naked

    "I've got an infinite number of places to go, the problem is where to stay." Holy shit, David Thewliss. "Do you ever get the feeling you're being followed?" A barrage of dark, some funny, some not-funny, some poetic, uncompromising dialogue. This absolutely knocked my socks off. And other clichés.

  16. Luca Angelini's rating of the film Naked

  17. Emil Kurjak's rating of the film Naked

    e forse sono stato anche un po' stretto

  18. LibertyCapz's rating of the film Naked

    A pitch-black tragicomedy of borderline revolting proportions. Loved it.

  19. dionysus67's rating of the film Naked

    Ingeniously caustic dissection of social dislocation and ruptured relationships in post-Thatherite Britain. Eschatological narratives bitterly intensify the realization that "there is no society, but only individuals". Yet the demise of the social is tantamout to the end of the individual, transformed by Thewlis' herculean performance into a naked Spencerian skeletal figure -not far from Archie's primeval grunt.

  20. aurkihnowe's rating of the film Naked

    A passive-aggressive nihilist's Odyssey through wasted, decadent modern London, this guy pretty much screws over everyone he meets (not to mention the actions of some of the side characters) can sense a ruined romantic in the main character, the kind of people who become more bitter and pessimistic as their lives "wear" on...Thewlis gives an award deserving performance, but beware, the film's smeared in grit...

  21. sklavenmoral's rating of the film Naked

  22. Oscar Bedell's rating of the film Naked

    Free roaming these loopholes and gateways we buy one-way tickets to. Sometimes we formally miss the loopholes, like this guy, by staying devoted to what we may call our basic principles, that we either sell to get a ticket or stick to and see happens. This film could of been unbearable but is saved by an insane caricature in accordance to 'simian' beings in a nonsensical system of its own cherished basic principles.

  23. Starshine's rating of the film Naked

    4 stars only for Thewlis' performance.

  24. JCPJD's rating of the film Naked

    David Thewlis is remarkable as Jonny and makes the film memorable. As for the film Thewlis is in, well, that doesn't hold up so well. It's an early Leigh piece with the working methods he'd later master - but in naked it's all unformed and the film doesn't quite work. Still, interesting to see how far Leigh has come with this style. But those Thewlis monologues are awesome.

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