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Olga's Dance Hall Girls

Regizat de Joseph P. Mawra
Statele Unite, 1969
Dramă, Crimă, Erotic


The wicked Olga and her sleazy partner Nick recruit suburban housewives for a dance hall that turns out to be a front for a group of decadent swingers who are harboring a dark and deadly secret.

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Olga's Dance Hall Girls Regizat de Joseph P. Mawra

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  • El Biffo's rating of the film Olga's Dance Hall Girls

    Not only is this the least interesting of the Olga series, it wasn't even directed by Joseph P. Mawra (incorrectly listed here in the Mubi database). No one know who made this cheap 4th installment, but it definitely does not have Mawra's style, although whoever did make it made an attempt to copy his style. No director is credited, and a different (much less interesting) actress plays the part of Olga.

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