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On Tour


Regizat de Mathieu Amalric
Franța, 2010
Dramă, Comedie


With a gaggle of beautiful American strippers, Joachim, a veteran impressario attempts to make his comeback touring a variety show round France. But on tour, Joachim has to keep his wits if he wants to be paid, keep his estranged wife happy, and keep a handle on the uncontrollable girls.

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On Tour Regizat de Mathieu Amalric
Most of Amalric’s work is hard to find in the US. What’s kept On Tour, for which he picked up best director at Cannes, away from these shores is one of the greatest soundtracks of the modern era… Amalric’s Francophone 8½ homage gives every ounce of compositional pleasure and honest emotion to its vision of a unified artistic tomorrow. The boozy, depressive journey is the destination and it’s a rare one, not to be missed.
October 28, 2015
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Tournée is quite easily one of the year’s best, and shows a huge amount of potential for Amalric’s directorial career. His hand is sure, and his passion for the material is infused in every frame. The film manages to be consistently surprisingly, offering some of the year’s most memorable images and laughs. So far, it is the film to beat.
October 21, 2010
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neurotic intensity on-screen is counterbalanced by his gregariousness off, which extends beyond his obvious affection for the brassy dames to an effortless naturalism that encompasses crackerjack French dialogue and improvisations in English, surrealist gestures and theatrical flourishes.
October 01, 2010
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