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Note & Recenzii

  1. João Mesquita's rating of the film Our Brand Is Crisis

  2. Sebastian Cofas's rating of the film Our Brand Is Crisis

  3. DisRegarding Henry's rating of the film Our Brand Is Crisis

    Green has fun allowing his cast to improvise and experiment, at times making this feel like a Robert Altman movie. Straughan’s sharp screenplay also provides some genuine insight into modern politics, where the real challenge is who can manipulate the populace most effectively. It's an interesting film that doesn’t quite resonate as much as it should by the end, but still offers much to enjoy and contemplate.

  4. A47's rating of the film Our Brand Is Crisis

    Bullock is grounded and patient here. She listens, she thinks. She embodies her character, she doesn't overdo her lines, she delivers subtext with ease. She creates depth and complexity out of little. Such dimension is a pleasant suprise. No more sauce selling. It is almost as though this character's journey were a metaphor for her own.

  5. Diderot's rating of the film Our Brand Is Crisis

    Sandra Bullock gives a pretty good performance as Sandra Bullock in an otherwise sloppy film by the ever-more-disappointing David Gordon Green. Ann Dowd and Billy Bob Thornton are also very good in supporting roles.

  6. vordven's rating of the film Our Brand Is Crisis

  7. msmichel's rating of the film Our Brand Is Crisis

    An interesting script by Peter Straughan, adapted from the Rachel Boynton documentary, and a star turn from Sandra Bullock make this modern exposure of electioneering quite entertaining. It's the secondary characters and subplots that sink the enterprise though. Bullock is fantastic and in a better realized and directed film this could have been guided through award season instead of the box office death achieved.

  8. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Our Brand Is Crisis

    Ironically rousing speeches and a good bit of llama homicide. The redemptive ending was arguably spoiled for me as I had Wonder Showzen's "White People" playing in my head. Apologies for the uncharacteristically glib review, but 'Our Brand Is Crisis' left me feeling glib. Amusing and oddly provocative for a 2.5 film though.

  9. †. Kennedy Pope's rating of the film Our Brand Is Crisis

    Not bad, but not great. If you put the documentary out of mind, Bullock's written character arc is really unimpressive upon the realization that it's about a depressed retired campaign specialist who gets back into the game, only to realize she still hated politics and quits again. It's an oversimplification, but that's essentially what it is.

  10. Cláudio Martins da Silva Alves's rating of the film Our Brand Is Crisis

    A surprising delight and way funnier than I expected. It balances wildly sompeting tones with a masterful hand while never showing any signs of stress or grand cinematic effort. Bullock gives one of her best performances, perfectly leading one of the best casts of 2015. The writing is also praiseworthy, namely the daring finale that forces the audience to reacess the entire narrative that came before it.

  11. chanandre's rating of the film Our Brand Is Crisis

    Gordon Green is becoming the Frank Capra of Indie cinema. Sandy B returns to outstanding form (rivalling her Gravity performance - not many actresses master the douche to sunflower transition as she oh so clearly can). Poignant performance by Joaquim de Almeida who should be praised wayyyy more often. Mackie, Dowd, Thornton, McNairy and Kazan are all bosses as usual.

  12. Jeremy Ashlyn's rating of the film Our Brand Is Crisis

    United States film with a somewhat wide release in 2015 and yet somehow good.

  13. Steve Pulaski's rating of the film Our Brand Is Crisis

    Almost entirely forgettable, save for a cast that is clearly having fun. The whole idea of making humor out of what is a really serious political situation is kind of off-putting, especially when the movie tries as hard as it does in terms of making Jane a pathetic hack in the first half of the film. Also sad to see David Gordon Green deviating from his forte once again to presumably pay bills.