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Out-takes from the Life of a Happy Man

Regizat de Jonas Mekas
Statele Unite, 2012


A motion picture composed of brief diaristic scenes not used in completed films from the years 1960-2000; and self-referential video footage taped during the editing. Brief glimpses of family, friends, girl-friends, the City, seasons of the year, travels.

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Out-takes from the Life of a Happy Man Regizat de Jonas Mekas
It is as if the burden of the past and of signification had to be lifted for this movie to emerge. The images are not substitutes for the lost paradise of Mekas’s childhood in Lithuania. The images dance together on the screen as things of beauty in themselves. Nothing matters except their movement, the movement of the camera that finds them, and the movement of our eyes joining the dance.
April 26, 2013
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…Out-Takes represents one of the rare, splendiferous instances where Mekas proves himself as adept an architect of reality as he is a receptacle for its bounty of sensation.
April 25, 2013
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Jonas Mekas calls his blissed-out new movie “Out-Takes From the Life of a Happy Man.” It’s an honest, direct title for a transcendently lovely and delicate work created from images that didn’t make it into the filmed diaries he made from 1960 to 2000… “Out-Takes From the Life of a Happy Man” doesn’t look as if it was made with blood, though it sometimes pricks the skin. In tone, mood and image quality, it is suffused with light.
April 24, 2013
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