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Pan's Labyrinth

El laberinto del fauno

Regizat de Guillermo del Toro
Spania, Mexic, 2006
Dramă, Fantasy, Thriller


Spania, 1944. Visătoarea Ofelia, o fetiță de 10 ani îndrăgostită de basme, se mută cu mama ei însărcinată pentru a i se alătura tatălui ei vitreg, un ofițer fascist care este staționat în munți. Fantezia și realitatea încep să se întrepătrundă, iar Ofelia este atrasă curând în propriul ei basm.

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Pan's Labyrinth Regizat de Guillermo del Toro

Premii & Festivaluri

Academy Awards

2007 | 3 premii

2007 | 3 nominalizări, inclusiv Best Writing, Original Screenplay

Independent Spirit Awards

2007 | Câștigător: Best Cinematography

2007 | Nominalizat Best Feature

Though Pan’s Labyrinth regularly uses occurrences in Ofelia’s fantasy world to influence her normal life, del Toro truly reconciles the real and fantastic around the shared importance of stories. It’s a fitting theme with which to approach a war where so many were completely annihilated in ideological purges, and it explains why Vidal’s true comeuppance isn’t death, but the promise that he’ll be willfully forgotten by all who knew him.
October 20, 2016
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One of the best films ever made from a child’s perspective, not least because it refuses to infantilize the audience. Is this deeply entrancing movie a historical war drama, a gothic horror-fantasy, or both? Remarkably, Del Toro doesn’t say. Instead he casts us headlong into a world where the evils of fascism have many faces, and where historical trauma runs so deep that it takes on the power of myth.
October 19, 2016
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For American audiences who encountered the movie first as young teenagers and have in effect grown up with it, Pan’s Labyrinth remains a waymark, an intensely remembered catharsis of pubertal misery and lostness. My daughter, around thirteen when she first saw it, had her secret internal chaos affirmed with a mythic gravity. This is how myths work—by branding our own raw sense of life’s whirlwind with the fire of an epic travail.
October 18, 2016
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