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Peeping Tom

Regizat de Michael Powell
Marea Britanie, 1960
Thriller, Crimă, Dramă


A psychotic assistant cameraman at a film studio uses his camera equipment to film the deaths of prostitutes he chooses as his victims and unsuspecting women for his documentary on fear. Peeping Tom explores his childhood traumas, sexual crises, and murderous revenge as an adult.

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Peeping Tom Regizat de Michael Powell

Recenzii ale criticilor

The formal potency of Peeping Tom represents one of Powell’s most daring rebukes, even if it took his career down with it. The movie will ask dangerous questions about its own system but refuse to answer them. It will elevate sleazy, sometimes preposterous pulp material to art by dragging respectability towards the gutter. It will recognize that some things are too sacred, too private, or too dangerous to have a camera record them. And then it will record them anyway.
November 03, 2017
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[Peeping Tom] might be considered the grandfather to the omnipresent found footage horror genre and it inspired Jim McBride’s classic, scathingly self-reflexive David Holzman’s Diary—and virtually every self-critical documentary since. The film remains relevant today not simply because of its vast influence, but because of the fundamental truth Powell expresses about the dark heart of cinema.
April 06, 2015
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