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Prince Avalanche

Regizat de David Gordon Green
Statele Unite, 2013
Comedie, Dramă


Doi muncitori la drumuri își petrec vara lui 1988 departe de viața la oraș. Peisajul izolat devine un spațiu al accidentelor pe măsură ce cei doi bărbați se dovedesc a fi cât se poate de diferiți, la fel ca femeile pe care le-au lăsat în urmă.

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Prince Avalanche Regizat de David Gordon Green
David Gordon Green somehow brings together the poetic sensibility of his independent art movies (e.g., George Washington, Undertow) and the humorous lowbrow non sequiturs of his studio comedies (Pineapple Express,The Sitter); the results are one of a kind and often weirdly moving.
August 17, 2013
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Avalanche is more melancholy and understated in its silliness thanEastbound, but it’s still hilarious. In Avalanche, Green is finding his equilibrium, the right ratio of levity and tragedy. It’s not a throwback, but evidence of a new sensibility.
August 09, 2013
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The simple, non-sequitur-laden dialogue at first has a terse naturalism, but then begins to assume a more absurdist quality… As the movie goes from Hemingway to Beckett, Alvin and Lance go from feeling like two distinct, bickering characters to something more elemental, like two sides of the same self – an adult male meeting his younger self, perhaps.
August 09, 2013
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