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Regizat de Alexander Korda
Marea Britanie, 1936
Dramă, Biografie


Charles Laughton once again teams up with Korda for this moving, elegantly shot biopic about the Dutch painter. Beginning when Rembrandt’s reputation was at its height, the film then tracks his quiet descent into loneliness and isolated self-expression.

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Rembrandt Regizat de Alexander Korda

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National Board of Review

1936 | Câștigător: Top Foreign Films

Recenzii ale criticilor

No one could better radiate contempt with a single darting stare than Laughton, and his incarnation of the seventeenth-century Dutch painter in Alexander Korda’s lovely, low-key biopic (a much more modest, humane affair than the director and actor’s last historical drama collaboration, The Private Life of Henry VIII) is delicately caustic, a portrait of a genius who cannot quite function within the circles of the privileged patrons on which he relies for money.
December 17, 2012
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