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Remember Me

Regizat de Allen Coulter
Statele Unite, 2010
Dramă, Dragoste


In the summer of 2001, New York college student Tyler is still feeling lost from the tragedy that has strained his ties with his father when he meets Ally, a girl who understands him. The last thing Tyler’s looking for is love, but through their relationship, he finds possibilities for happiness.

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Remember Me Regizat de Allen Coulter

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  • Zachary T.'s rating of the film Remember Me

    Having just written a term paper on the dangers of playing tragedy for shock in film, "Remember Me" should be a difficult movie for me to evaluate. It isn't. The majority of the film's runtime is concerned with delicately humanizing the eventual victims; detailing the violence is never a priority. The shock recreated here, delivered via a crippled American family, is poignant, reminiscent of a nation's bewilderment.

  • ramosbarajas's rating of the film Remember Me

    Not a bad film, but in reality the only thing that saved it from being a completely forgettable film, at least for me, was the ending. There is a line in the film when the brother gives the sister a book "about all these gods and goddesses who go around acting jealous and petty." And funnily enough, it rather describes most of the film as the super-rich, white family tries to work through its existentialist problems.

  • Lee's rating of the film Remember Me

    A quite conventional and cliche love story, but there's something about that I really love. Solid performances, good writing and I think the ending is rather well done albeit an utter shock.

  • sainte's rating of the film Remember Me

    SPOILERS I already knew the ending before watching so it didn’t surprise me. But since it was supposed to be shocking, I wonder if my opinion would have changed if I hadn't known. I had originally stayed away from it, thinking it would be a cheesy romance, but it was actually pretty good. Depressing movie though. None of the characters can catch a break. Robert Pattinson surprised me and played his character well.

  • sofia's rating of the film Remember Me

    I really liked this movie. I know that day is a tough date for the americans but the the whole movie was not about the 9/11. Like thousands of people that died that inglorious day...Tyler himself was surprised in the end, when finally encountered peace of mind; and the fact that the story never revealed it would come to this end for me was really innovating and the possible story of one person passing by the towers.

  • it.rainscats's rating of the film Remember Me

    Easily one of the worst movies I have ever seen. It really cheapens what happened that day and turns a world-altering event into a minor plot device. Terrible, terrible.

  • Pedro Franceschini's rating of the film Remember Me

    The movie is not SO bad. Sometimes it seems like it's trying (not so successfully)to be a "older version" of Catcher in the Rye (there are many things alike: parent issues, rebel without a cause, dead brother, witty sister with whom he takes walks in the park,...). But the end just ruins it all.

  • mdenapole's rating of the film Remember Me

    Part 1: Remember me is an emotional film. The truth is that on the end I was speechless. Everything is developed in a very emotional way. My point is that the film conveys many emotions. Joy, happiness, sadness, disappointment, amazement, everything. All projects in the small, interesting, unexpected and sometimes explosive character of Robert Pattinson.

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