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Note & Recenzii

  1. Guillaume's rating of the film Silent Light

    How can one direct actors without understanding what they say? Carlos Reygadas does it, and seems to capture the soul of the Mennonites. Beautiful photography and moments of family love in a pacifist community. But when there is conflict, it isn't always enough to try and accept, and everyone suffers. An enlightening movie.

  2. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Silent Light

    It sets the pace brilliantly, and tells a deceptively simple story in a straightforward way. Poor Johan, indeed! He's essentially saying that he struggled mightily but then he just had to have sex with her. The penis is stronger than the brain. That it's about destiny and love. He makes it sound like he's battling the devil. The devil inside his penis! I'm going to stop saying penis now.

  3. Eric Rucker's rating of the film Silent Light

    Same thing applies here as it does in Battle in Heaven: it is a humanistic challenge to “film” people and its cynical subculture. Is your heart clear and good enough to understand? Do you know of art, literature, and the green world? Not a difficult film; it is people’s notions and emotions that are in disarray. Film culture is perverted and distorted. The great artists are outliers and dissidents.

  4. Nicholaus Patnaude's rating of the film Silent Light

    a masterpiece of sadness, a tranquil drive through everlasting change

  5. I.Camera's rating of the film Silent Light

    Dreyer by way of Malick, Silent Light is a masterpiece of widescreen framing, as a Mennonite man faces the challenge of faith and love within an insular community. The austerity of their lives contrasts with the expansive beauty of the Mexican surrounds, as the narrative ellipses move between the seasons during the course of a year - a year of death and resurrection - and between the rising and falling of a sun.

  6. Daniele Sestito's rating of the film Silent Light

    The way this film patiently observes its characters and their surroundings is remarkable. It captures love and despair like no other film has done before or since.

  7. Not A Sexy Vampire's rating of the film Silent Light

    Slow but incredibly engrossing. Contains images of tremendous beauty and devastation, with an emotional realism that is hard to explain yet overwhelming to the senses, just like Tarkovsky (an obvious influence). I keep returning to the ending, the way it recontextualises and transforms one of the most moving endings in cinema, providing it with even more compassion and selflessness. It's stuck with me for days now.

  8. Adam GR's rating of the film Silent Light

    I'm starting to crush. Inspiring to see how Reygadas' investigation of man's nature and purpose delves so deep. We start in the stars. Light, the silent variable, unleashes from the horizon while primeval wailing (are those cows?) harkens the dawn of time. The director places us in a Mennonite home in northern Mexico where adultery hangs like a pendulum or stirs with rapture. Transcendent ending. Crown chakra energy.

  9. Duncan Gray's rating of the film Silent Light

    How to make a simple love triangle feel fresh? Collate it in a world of carnal forces and an indefinable natural (or is that spiritual?) presence. As for what it borrows/steals/updates from Ordet, it's more intriguing because it removes the tidiness of an act of God and lets human messiness and a frightening, beautiful cosmos fill the void. But it's drawn out beyond freshness, stuck in the shadow of its ambitions.

  10. Savannah Shoff's rating of the film Silent Light

    What a beautiful film. The opening scene in this film was just remarkable and the closing scene was jaw-dropping perfect. This film had great muses brought into the directing aspect. The characters and non-characters did a superb job in creating a film that flows and builds throughout its entirety and shows emotion on a level that is hard to portray. They even did well protraying a reconciling faith in Johan's life.

  11. Sabrina Renee` Mullins's rating of the film Silent Light

    I wasn't too trilled about this movie during the beginning. As I continued to watch, it started to grow on me a bit. As I was going through the scenes of the rest of this film I found myself starting the enjoy it more. I thought the ending was very beautiful and brilliant. I think this film tells a wonderful story line. I very ,much enjoyed watching it.

  12. Kenneth Gentry's rating of the film Silent Light

    "It was all written beforehand."

  13. Honorato's rating of the film Silent Light

    One of my all time favourite Mexican films.

  14. Juan's rating of the film Silent Light

    La "luz silenciosa" es la conciencia y la pasión que surgen inevitablemente incluso en un comunidad afectivamente contenida y religiosa como la menonita. Una historia sintetizada en amor, muerte y muchas metáforas de la luz. Gran dirección de Reygadas. Es cine mexicano que no lo parece.

  15. Fabio Osvaldo Carta's rating of the film Silent Light

  16. pancake lizard's rating of the film Silent Light

    The arthouse sure loves characters who take two minutes to formulate a sentence, spend most of their day staring into the distance and openly sum their deepest emotions in a few words. Is it cause the cinematic everyday has more to do with Bresson and Bergman than the actual everyday? Or cause still life is easier to capture than a moving one? 5 starts for images and editing - if only it wasn't so artificially still

  17. britney spears's rating of the film Silent Light

  18. Sander Moyson's rating of the film Silent Light

    O silent light, flickering and moving and resting on our existence...

  19. guillermo's rating of the film Silent Light

    Reflective, stunning, poetic.

  20. Royce Jr.'s rating of the film Silent Light

    +1 for shortly gives me that Ordet thrill

  21. MisterColo93's rating of the film Silent Light

    4.4/5 the ORDET of rationality.

  22. María F. Guerrero's rating of the film Silent Light

    The best of Reygadas so far. None of his other films acchieve Silent Light's raw emotion that grows from the most sensitive and enlightened parts of the human soul.

  23. Jdsarmientoburgos's rating of the film Silent Light

    A visual beauty that is fairly clearly influenced by Raygadas’ favorite directors, Tarkovsky and Dreyer (most notably by mirroring the ending of Ordet). One that is purely for the cinephiles.

  24. ammar's rating of the film Silent Light

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