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47 Note



Regizat de Takahiro Miki
Japonia, 2010


Meiko and Taneda are a couple graduated from university two years ago. Unhappy with their lives, Meiko quits her job and encourages Taneda to have his band become professional.

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Solanin Regizat de Takahiro Miki

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  • aviputri's rating of the film Solanin

    since I really love the comic, watching the movie doesn't give me the same feeling like reading it. not necessarily bad, just slower and something's lost. the casts are way too good looking, I mean Meiko should be a very ordinary girl and so is Taneda boy. but it's okay I like looking at them anyway. the reason why I still give this 2 stars is because the Solanin song is good! along with its other soundtracks by ENT.

  • mooloo's rating of the film Solanin

    just finished, so here's fresh emotions! i haven't read the manga it's based on but i really loved it, the plot is relatable. gave me some courage too. moving on is powerful. i loved that many of the scenes were just silent, made it feel real even though watched a lot of it on the plane so it was still noisy

  • Nafisbelmont's rating of the film Solanin

    one of very few live actions that's able to stand on the same plattform with the manga. the mood is indeed quite different than the manga itself but still strongly preserves asano's style of storytelling which gives the audience a whole new feeling.for those who haven't read the book its pretty okay to watch this first bcs everything will come as a pleasant surprise. scoring was perfect and aoi's acting was TOP NOTCH

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