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Sunday Encounter

Un drôle de dimanche

Regizat de Marc Allégret
Franța, 1958
Comedie, Dramă


Jean Brevent still did not understand the departure of his wife. It’s been five years, but he still can’t forget her. In spite of a work of writer originator in a newspaper, in which it tried to be invested completely, time did not make its work. One day, by chance, he meets her in the bus.

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Sunday Encounter Regizat de Marc Allégret

Recenzii ale criticilor

Of no interest whatsoever. The script is lamentable, so ar the actors. When the roast is bad, you cover up with the sauce, but you can’t save much of a Serge de Boissac script with Bourvil, nor Jean Marsan dialogue with Cathia Caro. With Jean-Paul Belmondo you just might, since he is the Michel Simon and Jules Berry of tomorrow; even so, this brilliant actor would have to be used differently and elsewhere.
November 26, 1958

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