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Note & Recenzii

  1. Mark's rating of the film Sunset Edge

    A series of evocative images searching for a story, a meaning.

  2. Jason's rating of the film Sunset Edge

    Pretentious, slow, minimal story. Good cinematography.

  3. Pok's rating of the film Sunset Edge

    4.5 Wow. Una segunda vista realmente mejora la apreciación del filme. Toma elementos del cine de horror, tanto del slasher como de las historias de fantasmas, y subvierte las expectativas. Aunque su atmósfera es más melancólica que de miedo y nunca se siente una amenaza real, resulta perturbadora en un plano más bien emocional. Podría decir que se trata de una película de famtasmas pero sin el elemento sobrenatural.

  4. El Biffo's rating of the film Sunset Edge

    What could be more boring than watching teenagers being bored? To make it even more boring, they are located in an abandoned part of America that was deathly boring before it was abandoned. Lowbrow trailer park existentialism. Good actors and photography.

  5. runfromfire's rating of the film Sunset Edge

    Not sure I understood any of the characters' motivations or particularly cared about their well-being. Kinda felt like someone tried to simultaneously shoot Slacker and Blair Witch in a leftover set piece from Winter's Bone. Sometimes a low budget meandering indie isn't endearing - it's just low budget and meandering. Better than 1-star but not quite a 2-star either. Let's call it ★⅘.

  6. La'Kaira Prudent's rating of the film Sunset Edge

    This movie is mainly about a group of four aimless teens that decide to explore this forgotten and abandon trailer park in a creek that they have been told to avoid. of course not undersatnding why, the curuiousity only helps to make these teen want to check it out more. Little do the group of four know that there is danger behind the mystery of this past horrific site.

  7. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Sunset Edge

    Reminded me mostly of 'St. Nick' (2009) with subtle hints of 'Blair Witch'. It's tale told in an impressionistic way, but it doesn't add up to much.

  8. Benjamin's rating of the film Sunset Edge

    You need to be easily amused, fairly bored, or able to internally riff off the movie with your own relative thoughts... I watched it in two parts, 40 min., then the balance the next day. There were great ideas & qualities in the sequencing, the filming, & the subtexts; however, left a bit underdevelopment of relationships & characters & also unresolved at end, w/ a dash of confusion. But It was okay.

  9. Scott's rating of the film Sunset Edge

    Thank you to the cast and crew and especially Daniel Peddle. I was on the edge of my seat. Isn’t this where so many psycho stories originate?- the trailer park in small town USA? Absolutely! The best actor? Hayley for sure! Cinematography was flawless- so carefully edited. I was never bored. Thanks also to MUBI for screening this- a great example of why MUBI is such an essential & important entertainment portal.

  10. Jauuneken's rating of the film Sunset Edge

    I've always thought hanging out in abandoned structures or ghost towns was cool, but that was so long ago.

  11. Cheyenne Donaldson's rating of the film Sunset Edge

    At the beginning of this movie, Sunset Edge, you want to like it. But as the story unfolds you're left with a feeling of incompletion, as the story lines unfold some parts didn't make much sense. But the old abandoned trailer park draws you in with the old and weiry look to it. The black figure in the shadows also sends an uneasy feeling throughout your body. Overall, not a bad film, just needs to be complete.

  12. Megan Ross's rating of the film Sunset Edge

    Possibly the most boring film I've ever seen. The only reason I didn't give it one star was because someone convinced me that I was being too harsh. slightly reminiscent of Blair Witch project but no with absolutely no plot structure. I wouldn't recommend this film.

  13. Morris Bros.'s rating of the film Sunset Edge

  14.'s rating of the film Sunset Edge

    Wanted to like it and at first I did, but as the relationships became less and less cryptic, the stars began to fall off. I agree Blair Witch Lite but as if Toni Morrison wrote the screenplay.

  15. kevcold's rating of the film Sunset Edge

    A white dress swaying on a clothesline. Some subtle music queues. A shadowy figure lurking at the periphery. The beginnings of what could have been a moody and atmospheric film, but it felt like a few good ideas were left undeveloped. Pretty good use of an abandoned trailer park, and there is some young talent on display both in front of and behind the camera, but the movie is only intermittently successful.

  16. Jerrell Hobor's rating of the film Sunset Edge

    The purpose of this movie is honestly boring. The movie feels like it fulfills nothing other that the like inside of a low income community. There isn't really a meaning to the movie. We follow a character as he goes through life experiences in a though community and we watch how that shapes him as a person. Growing up in the community was hard and being arrested at a young age can be hard on a young boy .

  17. morgancurtis's rating of the film Sunset Edge

  18. Kenneth Gentry's rating of the film Sunset Edge

  19. Sin título.'s rating of the film Sunset Edge