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The Appointed


Regizat de Daniel Wachsmann
Franța, Israel, 1990


Family loyalty, religious tradition, freaky phenomena and newfound love clash and intertwine in Israeli director Daniel Wachsmann’s seminal tale about the tough choices a rabbi’s son is obliged to make.

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The Appointed Regizat de Daniel Wachsmann

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  • El Biffo's rating of the film The Appointed

    Ronit Elkabetz's film debut is a strange tale of misplaced mystical power. Elkabetz stuns a stage magician with her pyro-telekinetic power. The magician is peer-pressured into becoming the rabbi of a mystical Sephardic cult in the Galil. Altogether a strange, elusive film, and the print I saw was in terrible shape, but I will watch every film with the amazing Ronit Elkabetz!

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