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The Blues Brothers

Regizat de John Landis
Statele Unite, 1980
Acțiune, Comedie, Crimă


The Blues Brothers (Elwood and Jake, the latter fresh out of jail) get their old band together with the goal of saving the orphanage they grew up in. They encounter a number of crazy obstacles on the way, fleeing Nazis, cops and country singers in an attempt to put on one great show.

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The Blues Brothers Regizat de John Landis

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Landis’ instincts proved correct: The Blues Brothers, when it eventually opened, hit just the right nerve with its target audience of ageing hippies and young punks, serving as a kind of counterculture rebel-yell against the rising tide of late-70s conformity.
January 01, 2013
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The film retains a huge nostalgic kick, thanks in large part to Aykroyd and Belushi’s easy rapport, a smattering of daft, shaggy humour and some truly iconic musical sequences.
July 21, 2009
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