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The Devil, Probably

Le diable, probablement...

Regizat de Robert Bresson
Franța, 1977


Regarded by many as a masterpiece, Bresson’s film tells the story of a young man living in Paris who desires more from life than the glib, superficial truths and material things that are on offer to him. He reaches out to his friends and psychiatrist to provide him with the great answers in life.

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The Devil, Probably Regizat de Robert Bresson
Was the French New Wave murdered or was it suicide? Regardless, its ashes were scattered in the Seine with The Devil, Probably, the Apocalypse Now of French cinema, itself about the end of the road for a country’s national progress. Progressivism, like a moth, feels the punishing zap of nihilism. Godard is nowhere to be found. Truffaut has settled down. Paris is grey and quiet.
November 30, 2016
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Bresson’s chilling visions of daily life suggest its hostility toward the passions of youth. The film offers a near-parody of the spiritual universe of Bresson’s earlier films: these children of the revolution tremble with uncertainty, and their loose gestures and shambling ways conflict with his precise images. Both the world and Bresson’s cinema are in disarray, and the signs of his inner conflict are deeply troubling and tremendously moving.
November 25, 2016
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Bresson’s penultimate masterpiece is also his dizziest curveball, right before he knocked our collective blocks off with L’Argent. After Les Affaires Publiques, this somber film is also Bresson’s most comical, with several brief digressions and asides (amorous encounters in the glen, a box of chocolates tossed into a busy street, Charles’s catalog of insolent gestures), and looks askance at the ill-defined chip on the youthful, maladjusted hero’s shoulder.
September 22, 2012
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