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The Edge of Heaven

Auf der anderen Seite

Regizat de Fatih Akin
Germania de Est, Turcia, 2007
Dramă, Dragoste


This critically acclaimed film about love, loss, and redemption interweaves the stories of six people from Germany and Turkey, whose paths fatefully cross between the two countries.

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The Edge of Heaven Regizat de Fatih Akin

Recenzii ale criticilor

Those expecting the punkish, masochistic energy of Head-On, with its car-crashing and wrist-cutting and club-hopping, may be a bit surprised by this new film’s more measured and contemplative tone. All the same, Akin’s keen intelligence, his sensitivity to cultural dislocation and his skill with actors are all still very much in evidence.
January 01, 2008
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[Akin’s] new film, The Edge of Heaven (the original title Auf der anderen Seite means ‘on the other side’), evokes a totally different character [than Head-On]: smartly constructed, complex, trying once again to play with many cards, but this time always under control. He wants to display severe cause-effect unravelling within a chaotic world in order, inevitably, to arouse emotion.
January 01, 2008
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