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The Fire

El incendio

Regizat de Juan Schnitman
Argentina, 2015
Dramă, Dragoste


In the process of closing the deal on their first home, Lucía and Marcelo withdraw a hundred thousand dollars in cash from their bank. While they wait, the true nature of their love begins to unravel as they reckon with their crisis of trust, and the violence lurking within themselves.

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The Fire Regizat de Juan Schnitman

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  • mpho3's rating of the film The Fire

    This could just as well have been translated as "volcano," as the neuroses and insecurities of this young couple are always on the verge of fully errupting. They thrive on the drama despite its toxicity, but more troubling is that their inner hostilities are reflected in the world around them. Chbosky wrote, "We accept the love we think we deserve." Benetar sang: "Love is a battlefield." Either/and. +fantastic leads.

  • Carlos's rating of the film The Fire

    My God, if that wasn't intense and moving I don't know what else is. The performances by the two leads were outstanding. I loved that it was an Argentenian film and that Mubi exposed me to it.

  • La'Kaira Prudent's rating of the film The Fire

    Along with the ongoing problems that this couple decided long ago to keep from each other comes the stress of purchasing their own day they were suppose to sign the deed everything comes tumbling down and "the fire" between the two gets tested more and more in just a single day. As this romantic senerio plays out you'll find yourself staying tuned in just to see if things turn out "for better or for worse".

  • Jerrell Hobor's rating of the film The Fire

    A appealing movie basic ed on the fire found between this couple making for an intense relationship. As we watch the fire unfold we learn that not everyone's hearts are the same. Some times people can be really hurt in the depths of a bad relationship, the more fire you have the more emotions invested it makes for a thrilling unfold to an interesting relationship.

  • blyniukas's rating of the film The Fire

    Just watched it at Glasgow Film Festival today. Impeccable everything! Blew me away, will be thinking about it for ages to come. It is so easy to over-kill or underdevelop a relationship drama - and this one is just spot on - the acting, the story, its bumps and curves, the directing, the writing, the camera work - excellent work. Go watch it!

  • josé neves's rating of the film The Fire

    A good example of what's happening with some contemporary cinema: a strong script full of ideas, not just situations but tension and latent ambiences, with a direction unable to find an equally sensory and sensitive formality, limited to the mess of a handy camera always trembling, following the actors in a tiring attempt of naturalism, and an editing without any discursive interest.

  • Loz Loory's rating of the film The Fire

    The claustrophobic shaky camera, while appropriately mirroring their relationship, needs wider shots interspersed to give the audience a break. Not sure "The Fire" is best translation for film. Something with the word "burn" would be better, as these two can't stop burning each other. His male ego is tiresome; their inability to soothe each other via non-sexual touch is tedious. Miserably true to life.

  • Atzin Ortiz González's rating of the film The Fire

    A gripping portrait of a couple immerse in hostility & violence that exceeds as well to the environment of their wounded society. The long takes & two powerful performances by Pilar Gamboa and Juan Barberini helps the material reach boiling points of brutal honesty. (3.5)

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