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The Man With the Suitcase

L'homme à la valise

Regizat de Chantal Akerman
Franța, 1983
Film TV


A sensitivity to sounds coming from the activities of an unwelcome guest in the close quarters of an apartment is only one important component in this atmospheric, avant-garde drollery by Chantal Akerman. When the apartment owner comes home, her guest is settled in and at first, the slightly reclusi

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The Man With the Suitcase Regizat de Chantal Akerman

Recenzii ale criticilor

The film (which Akerman also wrote) turns its premise into a goldmine, cruising the full range of possibilities: from verbal implosion to gestural explosion; from ignoring the man when he’s present, to fixating on him when he’s absent; from controlled order to engulfing chaos.
June 04, 2018
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