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The Phenix City Story

Regizat de Phil Karlson
Statele Unite, 1955
Film noir


In this semidocumentary, an Alabama town is run by a crime syndicate that’s grown fat on prostitution and crooked gambling, directed at soldiers from Fort Benning across the river.

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The Phenix City Story Regizat de Phil Karlson

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There are many reasons that it’s worth paying attention to politics, but perhaps the most important of these is that what goes on in the political sphere has the potential to kill or cause grievous physical harm to you, the people you know, or people who you don’t know who nevertheless deserve better. This fact is something grasped intuitively and communicated on a gut level by The Phenix City Story.
January 08, 2018
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It isn’t just good actors as well as the use of locals and nonprofessionals that make The Phenix City Story seem real; it’s also the mixture and occasional confusion between the two… I can only account for my 46-year-old obsession with this film by acknowledging my preference for the realistic over the real. Maybe this is because the former can tell everybody what Alabama is really like, but the latter can’t.
December 01, 2002
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